There is no greater pleasure on earth than doing dangerous things with competent people - maggie mayhem

Seatbelts are for people who aren't trying to die - unknown

Reject this dystopia - unknown

walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet - thich nhat hanh

Be the trouble you want to see in the world >=3 - unknown

Act like you belong, but don't get in the way - Alice

Have you ever been in love?
I don't think so
Do you want me to describe it to you? - Skins

The fact that people can break the law is necessary for the evolution of our society - Jennifer Granick

I mean, you can be a dog on the internet, and as long as you post reasonably, no one cares - Cat Okita

That which cannot be repaired is already broken. - Devine Lu Linvega

Rivers do not drink their own water. Trees do not eat their own fruit. The sun does not shine on itself - Christi Steyn

Don't be part of the problem, be the whole fucking problem