Sleep System

When I'm at home, my sleep setup looks like the following:

I occasionally add a weighted blanket on top of all of this. I know you should never sleep under a weighted blanket, but sometimes it feels necessary.

My current sleep setup is working for me pretty well. It takes slightly less space than an actual bed and is a lot firmer. I sleep better than I did with the traditional bed setup I had previously.

I'd like to replace the carpeted floor in my bedroom with tatami flooring, but I'd have to rethink the rest of the furniture in the room and I'm not sure how much longer I want to stay in my current place.

When visiting places that do have actual beds I'll sometimes sleep on the floor and sometimes take the bed. The main thing I miss from my home setup is the buckwheat pillow, and I've been tempted to bring it with me on longer trips, but it's heavy.

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