Obsidian Setup




1. projects/
2. anything/
3. archive/
4. network/
5. daily/
6. attachments/
9. templates/
Media DB/

One directory per active project in 1. projects, although this doesn't get used much because most project documentation lives with the project itself (in GitHub or Confluence). It can be useful for more personal notes on how the project is going, but they often get noted in daily notes if they're shorter

Notes get created in 2. anything by default, that is if none of the other folders are suitable. This used to be called areas following PAARA, but that didn't really seem right to me.

Old projects get moved over to 3. archive when complete. With any evergreen notes being moved to 2. anything

One file per person in 4. network which allows them to be mentioned in daily notes and meeting notes

Daily notes in 5. daily following a standard template. ctrl-; is mapped to create today's note

Any attachments are stored in 6. attachments

Templates for daily notes, people, meeting notes, and decision logs in 9. templates

Media DB is used for the Media DB Plugin, and should probably be moved somewhere else


My usage of Obsidian is a little different for work and personal use. I'm pretty good at starting a new daily note when I start work, less so for my daily life, but the functionality is still useful to have for both.

I have to keep the two vaults quite separate, and most learning happens at work, so content is slow to make it to my personal vault (and therefore my public notes). In a way that is probably a good thing, because it encourages rewrites of notes which help with learning.

I use Self-Hosted Livesync as a way of backing up my personal vault, as well as syncing it between laptop and mobile. My work Vault gets backed up along with all of my other documents on my laptop via Onedrive


I don't generally include or link to much external content, that's all in Pinboard.in