work with the garage door up

Most people will only ever share announcements that their shiny new product is ready. But the rest of the world doesn't learn anything from the creation process, and post-creation is far too late to make any changes

Working with the garage door up means sharing what you are working on, and being open to people joining in. It means announcing your project at 20% completion and 80% completion to give opportunities for earlier feedback

For a while now a lot of my $dayjob work has been done on Zoom calls, giving anyone who's free to join the opportunity to both contribute and learn. I want to start doing this with non-work projects too

At my first ever Linux User Group meetup I saw other people using Linux for the first time, and learned so much more than I had from using it myself or reading about it. I hadn't seen anything about tab-completion written down anywhere, so I didn't know it existed; seeing someone using it was a game changer

There's some overlap with Start Often Finish rArely here too - oftentimes the learning process is more important than the finished product